The brand

Only mark Mussel from Galicia certifies mussels produced, processed and prepared in Galicia, authentic mussel from Rías Galegas.

This exclusivity is governed by European legislation on protected designations of origin (PDO). PDOs are institutional figures that protect food products that strictly comply with the following conditions:

1.- Are originating from a particular place.

2.- The quality or characteristics are essentially or exclusively due to the geographical environment with its natural and human factors.

3.- The production, processing and preparation takes place in the geographical area.

For that legal reason, only mussels that are produced, processed and prepared in Galicia in the container can lead the Mussel from Galicia brand like as a distinctive of exclusivity.

The graphical brand identity consists of a symbol representing the grooves of the shell mussel, an image that refers to living and natural mollusk. This symbol appears wrapped in a square frame with the inscription “Mussel of Galicia, Protected Designation of Origin”. The word ‘Galicia’ takes center stage, using a larger typeface, which highlights the prestige linked to the area of origin. The green color refers to the sea and plankton, food of mussel.

Fresh products from Mussel from Galicia also incorporate the identifying logo of the European PDO. And processed products incorporate a legend with the text “made with” and may also bear the identifying logo of the European PDO.

Only authentic Mussel from Galicia appears so identified. Other evocations abot the origin are not validon uncertified products packaging PDO, that could lead to consumer confusion (for example, “from Rías Galegas”, “made in Galicia”).

To download the Manual of Identity of the Brands of PDO Mussel from Galicia click here.