The ultimate purpose of the Regulatory Council of Mussel from Galicia is to promote the quality of mussels, both in farming activities and in the processing, transformation and distribution, to offer the consumer a product that matches their expectations and requirements.

Control of origin and product quality begins with audits in the “bateas”. The Regulatory Council also has control units in all ports approved for unloading mussel. The technical staff of control and certification equipped with telematics technology data transmission monitors each mussel downloads that are made in these ports. Council also has the function of audit the chain of custody of firms manufacturing and processing of mussel and make random inspections of product on the market.

Controls established are the basis of all product certification system, which is a dynamic and ongoing process, so that when the results are favorable and guarantee the quality and origin of the mussel, certification occurs as the quality standard ISO-17065. The Regulating Council Mussel from Galicia has subcontracted part of the control and certification tasks to external independent entity Bureau Veritas Certification.

In the control system also involved the Department of Research, Development and Innovation of Regulating Council Musel from Galicia, which is endowed with specific laboratory specializes in mussels. Laboratory operations are crucial in the final stages of control, as it is able to genetically identify the species of mussel from around the world and, therefore, to authenticate the contents of the packaging products mussels are prepared, preserved or fresh.

The investigations of the R+D+i department have obtained results that were registered as patents. In addition, the department has participated in various research projects Galician, state and community level, with public entities, government control centers and universities.

Furthermore, the Regulatory Council aims transfer you to the consumer the benefits of the Mussel from Galicia, by promoting their excellent organoleptic characteristics (flavor, sea smell, color, texture, palatability,…) and nutritional wealth attributed to nutrient waters from Galicia (one of the most important phytoplankton deposits on the planet), the culture medium (batea), philosophy and culture ideal used.

In addition, the Regulatory Council has the function to facilitate or promote initiatives to improve the social group linked to “Mussel from Galicia” -families, companies, workers and consumers-. To do that, it makes socieoeconómicos and commercial studies, proposals and guidelines formulated intervention in the sector, and changes or reforms of the legal rules governing the matter. At the same time, it maintains a direct line of collaboration with the Public Administration in the defense and protection of the rights and interests of consumers and the DOP.