The Regulatory Council of Mussel from Galicia started its activities in 1994, but the work prior to the establishment of this body began in 1989. The purpose was, from the beginning, to promote and enhance the galician mussel quality.

One of the first initiatives of the Regulatory Council was the application, under the terms of the regional rules, for the “Galician Quality Product” recognition for the Galician mussel. By then, the rules applied only to the agricultural products of the earth, so that the mussel became the first product from the sea to obtain this mention.

Subsequently, the EU established a unified law framework for all kind of brands, names and other quality figures linked to a particular geographical area, forcing member countries to reconvert all kinds of brands and regulations which refers to the origin as a determinant factor in the product quality.

Again, Mussel from Galicia pioneered the application and became the first product from the sea in Europe to obtain the quality mark “Protected Designation of Origin”. In 2007, it was registered in the register of the European Union the Protected Designation of Origin Mussel from Galicia and currently is the only DOP for a seafood product in Spain.

Since then, the Regulatory Council was acquiring a well-defined functions and was perfecting its quality control systems. In parallel, the Mussel from Galicia brand was increasing its visibility and prestige among producers, traders and consumers.